Re: An eccenctric flasher

Tue, 13 Jul 1999 02:06:03 -0400

Bruno Tilgner wrote:
> I could identify it as 92072F (catalog # 25151). It is a piece of debris
>of the Ariane 4 launcher which put the US communications satellite Galaxy 7
> into geostationary orbit in 1992. The orbit of 92072F is highly eccentric
> (e = 0.625) with an inclination of 6.6 degrees. The apogee height was about
> 22 587 km, the perigee height 313 km, and the period 395 min.
> We would also be interested to know if somebody has observed objects
> in this kind of orbit and whether the approximate size and shape of 92072F
> are known.

I haven't looked for this specific object yet, but I have seen several others in
this kind of orbit.  Debris would usually be irregular in shape. Average RCS is
1.6, but I saw at least one measure at 4.7 so this should be  much easier to see
than the typical debris object.

Jay Respler
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