Re: Chandra Burn Visibility?

Ron Lee (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 21:41:42 -0600

STS-93 OMS-2
1 99993P          99201.22870020  .00018250  13934-8  44256-4 0    14
2 99993  28.4662 199.3456 0003191 302.7331 301.7244 15.95038814    15

Based upon this elset and the SRM burn time, it appears no one will
be able to see it.  The burns occur over daylight region of the Earth,
specifically over South America.

IPS burns 1 and 2 are at perigee so only limited regions will be able
to see those IF it occurs at local nighttime.  Since we should have
real elsets available prior to the burns, I will not attempt to 
determine visibilities at this time.  Others are free to do so.

IPS burn 3 occurs at apogee so there is perhaps a better chance of 
someone seeing it.  Of course it may require a telescope.

Thanks to Ken, Ed and Philip for providing the info I was lacking.

Ron Lee