Re: Chandra Burn Visibility?

Ed Cannon (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 19:38:30 -0500

The STS-93 presskit includes this page on Chandra:

This page along with a lot of other information such as the parking orbit, 
includes a table with a launch events timeline, and this:

>Chandra's Orbital Profile
>  Unlike the close-to-Earth, circular orbit of the Hubble Space Telescope, 
>  the final orbit of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory will be highly elliptical. 
>  At its closest approach to Earth, the observatory will be at an altitude 
>  of about 6,200 miles. At its farthest, 87,000 miles, it will travel almost 
>  one-third of the way to the Moon. Due to this elliptical orbit, the 
>  observatory will circle the Earth every 64 hours....

Elsewhere, following a link on the Chandra News page:

it says the inclination will be 28.5 degrees, apogee 86,992 statute miles, 
perigee 6,214 statute miles, and orbital period 64 hours.

Another page:

gives the orbital data as:

> Inclination: 28.5 degrees
> Perigee altitude: 10,000 kilometers
> Apogee altitude: 140,000 kilometers
> Ascending node: 200 degrees
> Argument of perigee: 270 degrees 

Chandra home page:
Chandra publ. page:
Chandra background:
STS-93 countdown:
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