Re: BBC: "New Mir mission announced"
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 20:27:03 EDT

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> As you can see, Russia doesn't have much room to maneuver here.  Many
>  are angry that they're going to leave it unmanned even for a short time
>  because of the possibilities outlined above.
>  Dave, N9LTD

In the meantime, Mir has a number of leaks that can't be located, so it is 
constantly wasting air. 

There is an excellent documentary airing on PBS, with lots of video and 
interviews with the astronauts and cosmonauts involved in the recent 
disasters. One of NASA's astronauts says something along the lines of "We as 
humans have a tendency not to know when to close a chapter. Mir had many 
wonderful years, but it is time to close that chapter with dignity, before 
someone gets killed." (or words to that effect).