Chandra Burn Visibility?

William Moore (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 16:47:09 -0400

> Has anyone here started to look into the potential of viewing some of
> the insertion burns for the upcoming Chandra (formerly AXAF) X-Ray
> observatory deployment on STS-93?  According to the July 12 issue of
> Aviation Week, there will be a 2min initial burn of the IUS first stage,
> and a 90sec second stage burn, after which the 64ft solar arrays will be
> deployed.  To acheive the final  6210 x 86940 mi orbit, there are five
> firings of an Integral Propulsion System (IPS).  Given the recent
> success on this forum of observing Globalstar burns, I wonder if these
> deep space burns will be visible?
> Bill Moore
> Melbourne, FL  USA