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Mon, 12 Jul 1999 10:15:40 EDT

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<< Hello.  I observed Fen Yung 1Cr this evening while the sky was getting dark
 setting up for an observation run with my telescope through binoculars.  It
 passed by Mars at around 9:37 EDT going NW.  It was flashing rapidly at
 about one second intervals.  I assume its tumbling.  Anyone know what
 payload was carried by this rocket body and whose is it? (China?)  Thanks.
 John Kocijanski >>

Here is the Satellite Hunting, Satdesc.dat output for the payloads.

Feng Yun 1C                     
25730 1999-025A China (PRC) (CZ-4B 'Long March' rocket from Taiyuan): 
[Meteorology] Feng Yun means "Wind and Cloud" Weather reconnaissance 
satellite monitoring cloud and ocean conditions.

Shi Jian 5                      
25731 1999-025B China (PRC) (CZ-4B 'Long March' rocket from Taiyuan): Shi 
Jian means experiment. Carries eleven science experiments and three different 
types of attitude control for comparison studies.