Re: Fen Yung 1Cr

Ralph McConahy (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 00:11:08 -0700

John Kocijanski wrote:

>Hello.  I observed Fen Yung 1Cr this evening while the sky was getting dark
>setting up for an observation run with my telescope through binoculars.  It
>passed by Mars at around 9:37 EDT going NW.  It was flashing rapidly at
>about one second intervals.  I assume its tumbling.  Anyone know what
>payload was carried by this rocket body and whose is it? (China?)  Thanks.


Yes, China (PRC) launched this. The payloads on the 10-May-99 launch are
Feng Yun-1C (99-25A, 25730), also called "Dong Fang Hong 46," which has two
multi-channel scanning high resolution radiometers on board used for weather
measurements; and Shi Jian-5 (99-25B, 25731) which was put up to test 3
different kinds of attitude control methods: 3-axis, spin, and
gravity-gradient, and also has a Magnetosphere experiment aboard. If you saw
the rocket that launched these then you saw CZ-4B (99-25C, 25732).

  Ralph McConahy
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