Mon, 12 Jul 1999 00:29:15 -0600 (MDT)

As the time for Iridium 14A r's pass came, a fast moving thunderstorm
brought clouds in and covered the part of sky it was to pass so no joy. The
sky was fairly light, i had my doubts about seeing it.

However the thunderstorm passed quickly and soon it cleared up again with a
very nice lightning diplay being put on to the East and South-east. Before
the bugs drove me inside i managed to see Globlstar 36 r #25625 99004E pass
1 deg above (West) Tarazed (the star above Altair) at 05:34:33 12 Jul UTC
+/- 2 sec. Az 140 deg El 40 deg. It's magnitude varied between 1 and
invisible. Limiting mag was 3. More clouds arrived so i just watched the
lightning from inside.