Re: Fen Yung 1Cr

Ed Cannon (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 01:30:13 -0500

Feng Yun 1C r (or Rk or R/B, 99-25C, 25732) definitely is 
tumbling.  It launched these two Chinese payloads:

 1999-25A  25730  Feng Yun 1C
 1999-25B  25731  Shi Jian 5

To look this sort of thing up, you can look in element set 
files.  There's OIG's Satellite Situation Report, which 
Mike McCants puts into a convenient one-line-per-object 
format every month:

There's Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica (although I 
sometimes have a difficult time finding objects there):

There's the NASA "Spacecraft Query Form":

There's the Satellite Encyclopedia online (for some 

Jonathan McDowell has launch log for everything all the 
way back to 1957 (file is over one megabyte):

For recent launches, there are launch logs:

 Florida Today


I've compiled a list of launch logs; mostly upcoming
launches but some historical:

Continued non-observing weather here....

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