Help with imprecise sightings
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 23:32:17 -0400

Being on holiday (in central New Hampshire) hasn't been conducive to accurate
timings or directions when it comes to looking into the skies.

Tonight we saw three nice Iridium flares at 22:09, 22:21 (- 7 magnitude, very
cool!) and 22:35 local time.

We did see tow other interesting items, one at 22:11 traveling approx. N to SE,
constant brightness of -1 or so, the other at approx. 22:16 local time that
appeared to travel SW to NE with a repeating flash of approx. -3 or so

The magnitudes are compared to what these untrained eyes compare to the Iridium
flares I've seen \.

What I come up with using Skymap is two rocket boosters, SL-8 and SL-16's
respectively, both are listed as magnitudes 4-5, which are pretty dim, if I'm
not mistaken.  Which makes me question my data (not to mention directions of
travel, time, etc.)

 Any help identifying these objects would be appreciated.

I'll skip asking for watch and compass advice, as these issues have been beaten
to death on this list :-)