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Sat, 10 Jul 1999 20:23:32 -0400

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> >  Are you aware of the QUICKSAT mag file which already has this data?
> Yes.  But with that you would have to alter all the data for use
> with Satspy,
> and it isn't updated after a new object is created.
> Jonathan

	Is there any way to easily keep the Quicksat mag file up to date? I use
Quicksat but do not like that the mag file is around 18 months old. I have
updated a few items myself but am wondering if anyone else keeps it updated.
I think it would be a good idea if someone or a few people keep it updated
and then make it available for download. It is redundant for everyone to
have to keep their Quicksat mag file up to date for themselves. Also what
about the mag info in the new_molc.tle file? Is this comparable with mags in
the Quicksat file? Would it be a good idea to some how have a centralized
magnitude file that is updated regularly, that these other files like
new_molc.tle, Quicksat, and SatSpy use? There still would need to be a way
that each user can use some of their own mags when they generate there
predictions. For example I use a mag value of 1 for some of the tumbling
Iridiums so that they appear in the Quicksat prediction list, but other
folks might not want them to show up in their list. It is possible to miss
some of the newly launched objects unless the mag file is updated regularly.
Resurs 1-4 r (NORAD #25400U   98043G) is one example of a sat that was not
on my Quicksat list until I just happened to see it last year and entered it
in the quicksat mag file. Now I look for it about every night that I look
for sats during the summer.

	What about the satellite names and NORAD numbers? Could something along the
same line as I mentioned above for the mags, be done with them. I understand
there is a number mix up, between some of the iridium sats. If some tle
files use the correct number while others use the wrong ones, there could be
some resulting confusion. I have noticed that there is a discrepancy in some
satellite names between the new_molc.tle file and the Quicksat.mag file.

	Maybe some thing is already being done that I do not know of. If such a
project is pursued I'd be willing to help. I am not sure that my mag
estimates are accurate enough to be used, but I may be able to keep a list
updated with data from other observers.

Floyd Weaver
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