Re: Starshine - impossible behavior!
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 11:24:35 EDT

In a message dated 7/9/99 6:26:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Jonathan, your description does not sound anything like starshine, since it 
>  is invisible (except to binoculars) 

I always observe with binoculars (7x35's).  With my low LM, I have to.

>between flashes (which are many seconds 
>  apart).Perhaps you should search the lists for a better candidate. Sounds 
>  more like an object that went into the earth's shadow.

Which is precisely what starshine was supposed to do.

My theory is that it "went out" just as I came to a field with a star with 
similar brightness.

> Was the time and 
>  position exact (to the second) or was it just close? What else was in the 
>  area at that time?

It was precise, and there was nothing else in the area close to the 
brightness and vector as starshine.