ISS, Globlstar 45r and Wallops Launch
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 00:16:01 EDT

Hello Everyone.

Conditions this evening were mostly cloudy but the haze that has plagued this 
area has left for now.

The ISS reached a 0.5 mag during an early evening pass tonight.  Due to 
excessive ambient light it was not visible at 1x until it passed below 
gamma-Draco at 21:16:10 EDT (01:16:10 EDT, 8 July){az50, el53}.

Globlstar 45 r (25680) was an interesting flasher to observe this evening.
In PPAS format
99-019 E 99-07-08 02:19:31.1 JDG  39.0 0.5  11  3.55  +3.7->inv

Note on the Black Brant 5 and Taurus-Orion launches from NASA-Wallops Flight 
This evening's launches have been postponed due to unfavorable weather 
conditions. The next launch windows is 21:36 EDT July 8th to 03:30 EDT July 
9th (EDT=UTC-4 hours).   In addition to the 311.2 MHz (AM mode) that Keith 
Stein posted for launch info, updates are made every 30-60 minutes at (757) 
824-2050.  The recording at this number also references  info at 760 kHz AM.  
Unfortunately I did not receive Wallops Island (150 km) on my YB-400.  I 
managed to receive baseball's Detroit Tigers' radio station (1000 km).  
Perhaps this is why I prefer visual observation. :-)

A buddy of mine saw last week's launch Wallops launch from North Carolina's 
outer banks and said that it looked spectacular.

Don Gardner  39.1796 N, 76.8419 W, 34m ASL