Busy Weekend

Mike DiMuzio (mdimuzio@cisnet.com)
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 01:11:08 +0000

	I started my Staurday night with high hopes,but extreme sky
hazy limited me to only ISS, highest at 23:28 EDT at a bright 0.5, slightly
higher than skymap predicted.  Because of haze, I was unable to spot
4 Iridium flares as well as Cosmos 1400.  But I almost made up for it
with my first sighting of EGP, rising at 22:49, first spotted just a few
seconds after 23:00 EDT.  Quite a sight!!  Too bad starshine isn't as
big or spinning as fast.  
	Sunday night made up for Saturday's disappointment.  My first sat
for that night was again EGP, with a nice 70 degree pass at 21:55 to 22:19 EDT.
Noticed the unusual flash pattern, three quick flashes, than a gap, then the 
pattern repeating.  The brightest flashes were about 5th mag.  ISS rose at
but I didn't see it until 22:30 EDT.  It didn't quite get as bright as Vega,
but I was able to follow it almost 30 seconds into the Earth's shadow with 
binoculars.  My first observation of RadCat, 72076A followed, first seeing it
only 20 degrees above the northnortheast horizon at 22:43 EDT.  It became
about 3.5 mag at brightest near Cygnus' head, and it occulted a 4th mag star in
Ophiuchus at 22:47:30 EDT.  Quite a sight.  Iridium 65 flared at 23:13:15, only
getting to first mag at brightest.  Abrixas was next, first spotted at 12:05:15
July 5 at about 6.5 mag.  I followed it for almost 2 minutes until it faded out
sight at 12:07 EDT at mag 8.5. I saw no magor magnitude changes, just a slow
as the range increased.  My last sat spotted was a second show from EGP.  Some
of ite flashes looked like they were visible to the naked eye at 12:10 EDT.
A nice fireball at 12:10:58 EDT from the bowl of the Little Dipper towards 
Draco closed the night.

41.087N  80.714W 305 meters

Mike DiMuzio    mdimuzio@cisnet.com