Unidentified Lunar Transit

Brian Webb (102670.1206@compuserve.com)
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 14:35:10 -0400

About a week ago I was looking at the contrast differences on the full Moon
through my 8-inch (20 cm) telescope. I was using a magnification of 51 times.

I noticed a tiny black speck moveing across the Moon and thought at first that
it was an aircraft or a bird. The object was very tiny, but I could see an
outline and it was slowly tumbling.

Thus far I've been unable to identify it. Perhaps a fellow See-Sat member could
help me to identify it. Here are the specifics of my observation:

	Date (UTC): 1999 June 27
	Time of Lunar Disk Mid-Transit (UTC): 04:31:40
	Observing Site: Lat: 34.3042 N, Long.: 118.8419 W, Elevation: 175 meters
	Object's Direction of Travel: South to north, through the center of the
	Moon's disk
	Moon's Position: Azimuth: 146.2 deg.; Elevation: 29.5 deg.


Brian Webb
Ventura County, California