Re: gps satellite
Sun, 4 Jul 1999 00:24:05 EDT

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> Kevin Fetter wrote:
>  > The orbital elements for the gps satellite's are again available from the
>  > oig web site. Thanks to whoever got the oig, to put them back on the 
>  Could this be because Kosovo has quieted down?
>  Seems to me there's a link there.  Elements were withdrawn shortly before
>  hostilities started.  They're returned after hostilities cease.
>  Anyone agree or disagree?

Perhaps the improved graphics on Jim Varney's "Unofficial GPS TLEs Page" 
forced their release.    :-)

I would tend to believe that there was no connection.  It was fairly absurd 
to withhold the elsets of a system that transmits its position.  

One would think that once STEX became "Non-operational" that the elsets would 
be released.  The "Non-operational" DMSPs were never affected by the March 
Massacre.   Is LACE still operational?   Has anyone ever missed an 
observation due to the unavailablity of these elsets from OIG?

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