Giotto added to JPL Horizons ephemeris generator

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 02:12:37 -0500

Message from JPL:

>   Giotto is installed in Horizons; just type Giotto at 
> the main prompt.  If using by web, it is in the normal 
> "Target:Spacecraft" menu.

Telnet (quoted from the Web page):

> from most UNIX systems you would type: 
>        telnet 6775

There's even an e-mail method (also copied from Web page):

> Using the email Method
> The HORIZONS system can be accessed using email to submit 
> batch-style input files. Instructions on how to access 
> the email server, including a complete detailed example, 
> is available by sending an email message to 
> with the subject ``BATCH-LONG''. 

The other spacecraft available are Deep Space 1, Lunar
Prospector, Cassini, NEAR, and Planet-B.  Of course, as
Randy John reminded us, Cassini is on its way to an Earth
flyby in August.

Of course Horizons is there mainly to generate ephemerides 
for various solar system objects -- planets, asteroids, 
moons, etc.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA