Superbird A for morning of August 1

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:29:03 -0700

Hi All,

Seems I didn't give people enough warning for Superbird A last
night, so I'm jumping ahead a day to give people time to read
their email.  Below are predicted (UT) times for peak flashes
of Superbird A (#20040) on Saturday, August 1, 1998.  These
times are best guesses!  No one has seen the primary flashes
of this satellite in months, so times will be off.  In other words,
start looking early to improve your chances.

Lisbon  2:57  RA 1h 2.9m  Dec -10.6 deg
Madrid  3:00  1h 3.0m, -10.8 deg
London  3:03  1h 2.4m, -11.7 deg
Paris  3:04  1h 2.9m, -11.5 deg
Brussels  3:05  1h 2.8m, -11.7 deg
Geneva  3:06  1h 3.7m, -11.3 deg
Milan  3:06  1h 2.3m, -11.2 deg
Rome  3:08  1h 2.9m, -10.8 deg

If you miss it Saturday, just add about 1.5 minutes to these times for
Sunday, and subtract 2.9m of right ascension (e.g. Paris would be
3:05:30 on Sunday morning, RA 1h 0.0m).  The declination changes
very little from day to day.

Similarly, if you should receive this message in time, by all means
try Friday morning.  Times will be 1.5 minutes earlier than those
above, and you'll need to add 2.9m of right ascension.

Keep in mind that these RA/Dec values are only valid at the precise
times listed above.  If the actual flashes end up coming 15 minutes
early, then you'll need to be pointing to a right ascension 15 minutes
less than the value above (about half the field of view of typical
binoculars).  Good luck!  --Rob