Cosmos 2360 and rocket; Resurs 1-4 Zenit

Eric Vondra (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 00:29:54 -0400

I observed Cosmos 2360 (98 045A) and the SL-16 rocket (98
045B) tonight (~0410 UT July 30). The rocket was flashing
with an approximately 3.5 second period from 4.0 to 7.0 mag.
The satellite was steady at 5.0 mag. (My mag estimates were
difficult due to some murky clouds).

I also saw the Resurs 1-4 Zenit rocket (98 043G) again, and
it seemed to me that the flash period after culmination
northbound has decreased to just under 7 seconds, and it is
increasing in brightness after minimum more abruptly than
the night before.

Eric Vondra
Wampum, PA, USA
40.8538N 80.3292W 200m