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>  Seeing MIR the other night made me wonder. Come June 99 we shall loose that
>  familiar & much loved object  in the sky. So, we have to wait for the
>  International Space Station. Now my question. Firstly does anyone have any
>  idea yet of its orbit yet? I ask because what I am worried about is whether
>  it will have an orbit similar to MIR's, where everyone gets a look in some
>  time or other, or, will it be like Hubble, never getting above the horizon

The Orbit will be 51.6 degrees.



     Target launch date/time -- December 3, 1998, 4:45 a.m. EST 
     Orbiter -- Endeavour (OV-105) 
     Mission Number -- 93rd Shuttle flight; 13th flight of Endeavour 
     Launch window -- 10 minutes 
     Pad -- 39A 
     Landing -- KSC, December 14, 12:45 a.m. 
     Mission duration -- 11 days 
     Inclination/altitude -- 51.6 degrees/173 nautical miles 
     Primary payloads -- International Space Station (01-2A) first flight
(Node 1) 
     Number of Crew Members -- 5 
          Cdr -- Bob Cabana 
          Plt -- Rick Sturckow 
          MS -- Nancy Currie 
          MS -- Jerry Ross 
          MS -- Jim Newman

I have collected a number of ISS links at:

Don Gardner
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