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Eric Thayer (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 14:30:09 -0400

It is available for Unix and Win95/NT systems.  It takes a bit of
monkeying around to get it up and running.  I usually start at to get the Win95/NT version of perl5.  Then go to
the CPAN (see to get a version of libwww.

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Eric Thayer <> wrote:

>I extract the catalog numbers in the quicksat predictions from the evening
>(configured to only give one line per satellite).
>Next I give these catalog numbers to a perl script that gets the TLE's from
>The perl code is at

Is perl only available for Unix ?

I have used a similar technique to create an elset file when I travel to a
place far south from me.

I run predictions for the vacation resort, then for (a longer time) at my
home location.

My program 'buildsel  filename  selectionfile'  can build a table of all
unique ID's found in each of the two runs.

A 'dif' program finds all objects visible at the southern location 'never'
visible from home.

'applysel   alldat.tle   smallselectionfile   small.tle'  builds a clean tle
file with only 'new' objects.