97-21B flasher, et al.

Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 08:09:29 -0400

CZ-3A Rk (24799, 97-21B -- a Long March?) was very bright (+1? 
on maxima) this morning (28 July) on what I guess was a perigee 
pass due to its velocity.  I timed 10 cycles in 32 seconds.

I saw an UNID one-second long, mag. +1 flash/maximum about 8-10 
degrees below Jupiter at about 10:50:13 UTC.  I get no matching 
LEOs from the Molczan file.  A fairly close match seems to be 
22254/92-84B, BUT at a range of 27,200 km., I doubt that was it.

USA 81 (21949, 92-23A) sparkled to about +2.5 for 10-20 seconds 
this morning and passed west of Saturn at about 9:36.

Saw two closely spaced, +2 flashes from Iridium 21 (24873, 
97-34E) at about 11:08:33-34.

Didn't see anything at one-power from Iridium 11 (24842, 97-30G).

TRMM H-2 Rk (25065, 97-74C) seems to have slowed down a lot.  I 
got two cycles in *approximately* 124 seconds, plus or minus ???.  

The location for the above obs. was about .8 km (?) NNE of 
30.3086, -97.7279.  (I tried to find a little bit darker place, 
but still somewhere near my apartment, in order to try to see a 
few meteors.)

Iridium 41 still seemed to flare to about -4 as predicted at 
about 11:26:42.

Ed Cannon -- ecannon@mail.utexas.edu -- Austin, Texas, USA