Kevin (kfet@bigfoot.com)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:44:07 -0400


July 19 7:08 UTC #23937, Tips passed below saturn, just visible in 10*50
Also on this date I observed a unidentified fast object(UFO) which passed
above saturn about three minutes before tips made it's pass. What I saw was
5 to 10 piece's of either satellite debris, or meteor's that appeared very
close together. These object's where moving at an incredible speed, so they
had to be close to decay.

July 27 1:40 UTC #25294, Mir Deb MQ , passed very close to alp boo, easily
visible in 10*50 binocular's, my first time seeing a peice of mir debris.


44.6061 N
75.6910 W
95 M