Lunar Transit

Steve Massey (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 01:55:29 +1000


I have read with interest, the various feedback during the course of these
emails regarding objects transiting the moon.

I was using a hand held video camera on the 08th August 1995 at between
00:25 to 00:35 local Sydney time or UT 07/08/95 between 02:25 - 02:35.
Latitude 33 55 00 S
and Longitude 151 10 00 E. The object appeared disc like against the gibbous
and took about 1 second to pass through my field of view. I've seen plenty
of birds
transit the moon and this was definately no bird. It moved very straight and
mechanically through the field and I estimate its total lunar transit time
at around 13 sec. I have attached an image of its entry point with the
crater Konig just to its left. Hence, I have referred to it as Konig 080895
ever since. I would like to get to the bottom of it and read with interest
Sky Maps ability to predict a transiting satellite.
Can anyone help by entering the details I have provided into the Sky Map
and see what comes up +/- 1/2 hr around the times I have given.

Steve Massey