Two NOSS triangles

Ed Cannon (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 05:22:52 -0400

Friday evening (early 25 July) I had a prediction for a pass
of NOSS 2-1 (20682, 20691, 20692; 90-50B, C, D) and did find
them with my 10x50 binoculars, although I couldn't fit them
all together in the field on this near-zenith pass.  

Quite a while later Mike McCants said there was also a pass
of NOSS 2-2 (21799, 21808, 21809; 91-76C, D, E), so I tried
and was able to get them in binoculars also.  These three 
did fit within the field.  I'm pretty sure that's the first 
time I've gotten two NOSS triangles in my binoculars in one 

Mike and I got a pretty good look at the decayer 24294
(96-50D, Interbol 2/Magion 5 Rk); it was in a hurry.  Its 
pass ended soon after it crossed with a good pass of the
great low-inclination flasher UHF F2 Rk (22788, 93-56B).

Location was 30.314, -97.866, 280m.

Ed Cannon -- -- Austin, Texas, USA