Return of select.tle, etc.

Alan Pickup (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 23:39:05 +0100

I am pleased to announce that the elset files I post via my WWW page at are available again. Their
publication had been suspended at the beginning of this month when OIG
said that they were ceasing to support their bulletin board and when I
took off on vacation.

The elset files I publish are:

     dklist.tle    Contains elsets for all the objects in my
                   SatEvo decay list.

     select.tle    Potentially visible (non-debris) objects from
                   my decay list, plus Mir, Shuttle (when in orbit),
                   newly launched objects and more.

     iridiums.tle  All the Iridiums.

At present, these are updated automatically from OIG's (in fact, still
functioning) BBS site and in parallel from OIG's WWW pages. Restrictions
on the latter mean that the update frequency will decrease when the BBS
does eventually disappear, as I assume it may at any time. However, all
elsets will still be updated at least daily, with those for Mir, the
Shuttle, new launches and imminent decayers, updating quite often.
Having said this, there will be a temporary interruption to updating on
Saturday, July 25, while an operating system upgrade is performed on the
system I use. I owe special thanks to Doyle Groves and Mike McCants for
the OIG WWW access scripts I use, and to Russell Eberst for help in
compiling the data. Thanks, too, to Ed Cannon for keeping "select" alive
in my absence via

Given that I aim to include potentially visible decayers in select.tle,
I am considering dropping dklist.tle from the files I maintain. Would
SeeSaters find this a problem?

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