Unknowns and Guest stars

Jim T Nix (nixj@juno.com)
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 03:46:18 -0500

	My modem was on strike last week (sympathy for UAW or SOHO... I
don't know..).  Anyway upon downloading the last 96 SeesatL
communications I noticed some recent references to unknowns, (ref.
ECannon,  Walt Nissen, Ron Lee, John Kocijansky, and Mr.  Kracht) and
thought I'd add a couple I spotted, on the 19th and 21st of July from
Memphis,TN.  As my nieces and nephew were visiting I was
doing naked eye observations and not set up for accurate measurements.

UNIDENTIFIED    7/19/98   Was looking for Rosat in U.Major and spotted
this one
starting at 02:47:30 GMT or so trakking just North of and parallel to  U.
 Major from SW to NE and flashing, there were several flashes two of 
which were as follow- one of five sec at 02:48:25  and one of 10 secs at
02:49:25.(it was invisible at these times)  it may have been cosmos 1805
Rk at 2 to 3 min late, but does this RK flash?  (I was using McCants
Alldat dated 7/10/98 to check for what this was).

UNIDENTIFIED   7/21/98.  Was waiting for  Resurs 01-3 Rk in the north
and spotted this at 02:22:30 to 02:23:00 GMT(+- 1') (a thirty second
sighting) tracking N toSW at at from 45 to 60 elev. with a mag. of 2.8 to
3.5. Okean 1-7 Rk almost fits but its predicted magnitude at 4.4 to 5.6
in observed track does not fit. Another 	probability cosmos 755 RK
at mag 5.5 to 6.6 does not fit either.  This one 	was moving
rather quickly and abruptly dissappeared at about due east
halfway through the total arc so it was traveling rather low.	I
don't believe it
to be a meteorite.

I've ruled out Magion, too low; Cosmos 1025 & ERS 1 (this one was on  a
	similar track to ERS 1 but going the wrong way, it was too high
to be cosmos 1025.  I'll check the Molniya's and  other LEO's.

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