Computer clocks.
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:18:12 -0400

Hello all,

While we're on the subject of computer clocks I thought I'd get on my
soap box and tell of a product I've been using recently that has made my
observing more enjoyable. It's a "talking watch" from Radio Shack ($10 on
sale). It's a little longer than you average Casio wrist watch, and black
in color. It only has a time and alarm function. By depressing the top
right button the watch speaks the current time in a very LOUD and clear
human voice. eg.

depress button:  << Chime>> It's nine forty three P.M.

I find it very helpful when waiting for a pass, I can keep my eyes or
binocs on the sky and hit the button for the time. I found it easier to
reach with my right hand if I positioned the watch below the wrist of my
left hand. It is loud enough for everyone in your viewing group to hear. 

No it does not give you seconds, but for the expert viewers, maybe you
can wear two watches at the same time.

It's great, no more looking down for the time in the light (re-focusing),
then back up         ( losing your spot or sat ) while re-focusing and
adjusting. The only time I look down now is to check my list for details
of the next pass.



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