Another "guest star" in Ursa Major

Ed Cannon (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 02:36:40 -0500

Sunday night (early 20 July UTC), just after I tried and failed 
to find Iridium 46 in binoculars, I was just looking at that
part of the sky for possible flashes.  Then I noticed that in 
Ursa Major, north of the "bowl" of the "Big Dipper" part of it,
there was an extra mag. +2 star!  But it was moving slowly and 
soon started getting fainter.  I was able to track it for almost 
two minutes before it faded from view.  Later checking found 
what seems to be a very good fit with ERS-1 (21574, 91-50A).  
The Quicksat predicted magnitude at about the time I first saw 
it at +2 was +7.1!  It was predicted about +9.1 about the time 
I lost it.

Aside to Bart and Neil -- Thanks for getting the hypermail
archive back online!!

Ed Cannon -- -- Austin, Texas, USA