Re: Set your computer clock

Tue, 21 Jul 1998 01:58:26 -0400

Earl Needham wrote:
>         I've been using a program called AccuSet for several years.  I've actually
> registered the program because I like it so much.  With the advent of
> Win95, the author actually allowed all registered users upgrade to AccuSet
> 32 for free.  This program also gives the correct time in up to 5 locations
> other than your own, and Zulu time to boot.
>         The URL is and yes, it's shareware, so you> can try before you buy.

Based on what Earl said, I checked it out. It has a world map showing
day/night areas. It also can give ticks every second, and a voice
announcement at various intervals from 1 min up.
Does take up a lot of space, but it's an interesting program.

Jay Respler
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