Introducing myself

Vmtor Sexto Bernardes (
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 21:48:55 -0300

  Hi everybody,

    Well, I've just joined the list and I'd like to say "hello".
    My name is V=EDtor Bernardes, and I'm from Juiz de Fora
(-43.33W,-21.75S,695m) Brazil. I'm 15 fifteen and as you may have already
deducted, my hobby is watching satellites. I think I still have a lot to
learn about this, but I hope to do it soon.
    And I have a question about Iridium 20. I've seen it quite a lot (for
the first time) the past few days, and it was "blinking". Why does that
happen? Is it just rotating, since it's no longer working?

          Thanks, V=EDtor


   "Sometimes you're the windshield
    Sometimes you're the bug" - Mark Knopfler, The Bug