Re: Trouble using PASSUPDT

Fri, 17 Jul 1998 02:36:24 -0400

Judy May wrote:
> I am trying to use PASSUPDT for the first time and have experienced a
> few problems.  I was hoping some experienced users might offer me some
> solutions or tips.  I am running it in a DOS window on Win 95 using a
> Pentium 120.  My new data is a file called molczan.tle, from Mike
> McCant's web site.  The old data is a subset of a file called elset.els,
> from Acapella Publishing.

Here's my Passupdt.cfg file:  Try using it on your machine and see what

C:                                % Default data drive
                                  % Default data directory
putxt                             % Default update database
001                               % Program delay (milliseconds) 
N                                 % Ask to update data
N                                 % Ask to delete old data
N                                 % Ask to delete missing data
3                                 % Lines per record (2 or 3)

Does your 'new data' file have the same name as in the cfg file? 

The old elset files to be updated should end with .tle   (elset.tle)

> -----------
> Problem #1:  Error message says new data not found.  Example data
> appears below.  Why does it not see the new data?

Maybe because not named  putxt
Also highlight (yellow) those tle files you want to update.

> Problem #2: Error message asks if I want to Replace.  I believe that is
> because the element set number is not greater than the old one.  My
> question is, how can that occur?  Who sets the element set number, and
> why isn't it consistant?

After set # reaches 999, I think, it goes to 001

There are just so many spaces for info and that conserves spaces.

> Problem #3:  I down loaded a file elset file from the VSOHP FTP page,
> called new_molc.  I stripped the comments off of the top and bottom of
> the file, and saved it.  When I try to use it as input to PASSUPDT, the
> program hangs, never giving me the <press any key> message to continue.
> Any idea what about the file could cause this?

Was it saved in ascii format?  Is it renamed putxt?
Is there cr/lf at end of each line?

> Thanks for any help you can offer.  I'm really hoping I haven't made a
> silly mistake!

We all make them, don't worry about it.  It took me a while to get the
hang of the program, but I use it constantly with alldat to update my
dozen different tle files.  Updates 1000+ elsets in a minute.

Let us know how this works out.

Jay Respler
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