RE: Web CGI based sky map

Thu, 16 Jul 98 21:30:41

--- On Thu, 16 Jul 1998 17:07:40 -0400  Eric Thayer <> 

>Anyone know of such a beast?  Something which ideally you could query w/ 
a URL like:
>How about those great guys at GSOC?  Have they done this yet?

Why not check it out? 
Yes, but they don't provide a skymap view, but a 
ground track and a space view perspective for the satellites that
are predicted at *your* specific location. You just click on the 
common name provided in the prediction you choose for the non-iridium
predictions. Nice work, Chris Peat!

Jeff Hunt <>
Low Earth Orbit (and some higher) potentially visible sats 
from your volunteers at SeeSat-L: