SL-16 R/B - Bright Flasher (One More Time)

Donald (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:45:53 EDT

Hello all,

I realize that this posting will sound like yesterday's posting but after 3
passes with similar observations.....

SL-16 R/B (a.k.a. Zenit 2, 25400, 98043G) emerged from (exited from ?) the
earths shadow at about 22:51:45 EDT (02:51:45 UT; 14 July), passing to the
right of alpha-Oph at about 22:52:45 EDT.  It seamed to be steady at a +1.5 to
2.0 mag.   It passes directly overhead and soon became a flasher again.  At
22:53:50 EDT I began to notice the flashing at about an 8 sec period (+3.0 ->

All 3 passes were northbound passes.  In all 3 passes the flashing seemed to
begin in the northern half of the sky.  On my first observation (21:58 EDT 11
July; 01:58 UT, 12 July; northbound but in the eastern sky) I did not note the

I understand from Mike McCant's post last week that it is common for these
object to tumble after releasing their payload(s).   Anyone else note the

Don Gardner
76.8419 W, 39.1796 N,  34m ASL