Re: looking for volunteers

John W. Gardner, Jr. (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 18:56:53 EDT

On Sun, 12 Jul 98 22:59:59 writes:
>I have about 15 volunteers who have the "100 limit" access and another 
>5 who have the limited "20 limit". I need more volunteers to share 
>the workload and cover for those who have other commitments on a 
>particular week.
>For now I would like you to be a retriever who gets the near 100 
>elements that would be assigned to you, sort and format them and
>send them back to me. It would take less than an hour a week of
>your time.
 Let me know if you'll be interested in helping out. You need the
>"100 limit" access at OIG's website.

Greetings Jeff;

Be happy to.  I have 100 access at OIG.

John Gardner,Jr
76.98569 W  39.00195 N  62.484m 

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