Iridium trend

Floyd Weaver (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 01:45:55 -0400

    Over the last few weeks the iridium flare trend has changed here at 40
degrees north. The constilation has progressed from desending passes to
asending. This has increased the number of possible flares. Almost any night
now has at least one negative mag flare, and tomorrow UTC, I have five
predicted at -1.5 mag or more! Some of these are very low on the horizon,
but I still should be able to see them unless to much haze moves in. I may
then use binoculors just to be sure I see them. For the next couple of weeks
it is possible to see flares off the left MMA in the north, and then see one
off the front MMA on the next revolution! It is also possible, though not as
common, to see flares off both on the same pass. Flares off the front MMAs
end, the begining of August and flare numbers will drop. In the mean time I
plan to watch these flares!

Floyd Weaver

40.39N 76.42W 150M
3 Mile North of Lebanon PA