Cosmos 2344, Midas 7

Floyd Weaver (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 01:30:20 -0400

    Tonight at 03:01 to 03:05 on 7/13 UTC I observed Cosmos 2344 (97028A,
24827).  This is an unusually high satilite to observe at 1x. At the time I
saw it, it was at 1800+ km altitude and climbing. Magnitude was around 4 for
this slow moving sat.

    Also about two weeks ago I saw three flares from Midas 7. This was a
higher (3600km) and slower moving sat than 2344. The flares were roughly 1
minute apart, lasted about 2 seconds and reached to mag 2.5. I do not have
the exact times on this one handy, but if someone wants the numbers I think
I can find them for you.

Floyd Weaver

40.39N 76.42W 150M
3 Mile North of Lebanon PA