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Jonathan Wojack (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 15:09:16 PDT


My name is Jonathan Wojack.  My e-mail address is:

I saw my first satellite last Sunday!  I saw two on that wonderful 
night.  Data below.
NAME                 TIME (EDT; add 4 hours for UT)   DETAILS
Lacrosse 3 Rocket   2140:30-2141:11   +2.7.  Sighted with naked eye, 
then binoculars (7x35's) .  Dazzling!  Limiting magnitude for naked eye 
is about +3.0 after twilight.
Cosmos 1703         2224:00-2224:15   +4.1.  Surprised at brightness.  
Very exciting!

2-for-17.  No "positive-negative" observations.

More observations coming!


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