MIR debris launch dates

John W. Gardner, Jr. (gardjw@juno.com)
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 17:43:07 EDT


Per Luis Hermida, request of 8 Jul 1998 and Richard McKee, response
of 12 Jul 1998, I can't add anything further as to Debris item launch
dates; save that 25294U 1986-017MQ was released per text below found
in JSR355.ZIP ( Jonathan's Space Report #355 ).

Mir astronauts Solov'yov and Budarin carried out a 4h15m spacewalk on
Apr 6 and splinted the dented Spektr solar panel. A problem with the
station's attitude control system caused the spacewalk to be cut short.
According to reports from Jim Oberg, the control center erroneously
commanded the station to stop controlling its orientation, and,
believing instead that fuel in the old VDU engine had run out, decided
to tell the crew to return inside. Andy Thomas remained on board the
station during the EVA.

Another spacewalk was carried out on Apr 11.  Hatch open was at 0955 UTC
and closed at 1620 UTC. The old VDU engine was installed in 1992,
attached to the Sofora boom sticking out from the Kvant module. Musabaev
and Budarin dismounted it and jettisoned it into space. Two more
spacewalks are planned to install the new VDU engine, currently mounted
on the exterior of the Progress supply ship.


P.S.  Normally, only the A or B object or other pricinple payload have
      launch date noted in the satellite community.  The question has
      provided me the impetus to start recording the epoch date of
      newly released TLEs...thus saving an archive search when needed.

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