25381/98-40C -- missed it!

Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 06:25:04 -0400

Well, rats!  I saw TRMM just a couple of minutes before the Molniya 
3-49 platform (25381, 98-40C) predicted time, but TRMM is big and 
the phase was good, whereas the platform is little and its phase was 
so-so at best.  Sigh.  Well, maybe the next one....  This one won't 
last long with perigee of 139 km and apogee of 192 km!

1 25381U 98040C   98193.25121923  .13591619  84561-5  37473-3 0   559
2 25381  62.7759 196.8016 0040838 126.4271 234.1185 16.40015283  1807

For the freshest elsets...  I'm trying to maintain daily (sometime
in the first six hours of the day UTC) at least an interim substitute 
for Alan Pickup's select.tle file.  It's at:


Mike McCants is still continuing to update and publish daily, at
about 20:00 or 21:00 UTC (as long as the scripts work, I guess) his 
recent.tle file (of the most recently launched objects):



Okay, now I'd better get some sleep!

Ed Cannon -- ecannon@mail.utexas.edu -- Austin, Texas, USA