Re: Resurs and Zenit rocket observed

Craig Cholar (3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL)
Sat, 11 Jul 98 18:05:18 PDT

There's quite an international flavor to the recent Zenit launch;
Here's a rundown of the microsats aboard...

Chile            FASAT-Bravo     35x35x60cm     13x13x23in
Germany          SAFIR-2         45x45x45cm     23x23x23in
Belgium/Holland  IRIS-1
Israel           TechSAT-2
Thailand         TMSAT

The ones I couldn't find dimensions for are probably also quite small,
so they all will likely be a bit difficult to observe.  Definitely
not the kind you can see without optical aid.

Some reports I've read on the web say that the IRIS-1 satellite is
attached to Resurs-O.  It was unclear whether they meant _permanently_
attached.  If so, it might explain why OIG hasn't published an elset
for the 'D' object (25397, 98-43D); just a guess.  As I write this,
OIG is naming the B, C, E, and F objects as 'UNK', and the rocket (25400)
is now 98-43G.  By the way, this nomenclature disagrees with a few
previous posts that assigned the rocket to the 'F' object.

A few gleanings from the web, related to the above satellites... (Spanish)

Having been satellite-deprived for too long, please forgive a personal

For the past 11 days and nights, persistent coastal fog, normal for
summer along the California coastline, has been wiping out the
sky with annoying regularity around Monterey bay.  I actually saw
the sun today, so maybe that's a good omen.  Of course, it _would_
clear just in time for a practically full moon.  Nevertheless, I'll
take what I can get.  Wish me luck!

Craig Cholar