Unknown 98-043 object

Edward S Light (edlight@juno.com)
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 14:40:01 EDT

Yesterday evening, 1998 July 10,  22:23.6 EDT (July 11, 02:23.6 UTC) we
25400=98-043G (SL-16 R/B?) with our naked eyes shining almost as bright
as Deneb, at an estimated vismag of +1.5, as it passed a little below
At 02:25.0 UTC, with binoculars, we observed what we assume was 25394=
98-043A (RESURS  O?) at about magnitude 4.9 passing just below epsilon
Lyrae.  These two objects were expected and looked for, but perhaps one
two seconds after the second object we noted another body moving in the
same path at magnitude about 6 1/2.  Does anyone know what this could
have been? The elements I have only include 25394 and 25400; what about
the un-included objects (98-043B, C, ..., F)?

Clear and dark skies!

Ed  and Darlene Light
Lakewood, NJ, USA
40.107 N, 074.232 W