Jeff (
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 01:50:07 -0700

  Hi all.
  Just a quick one.

 I'm your basic science junkie who recently got into satellites because my
12 yr old step-son is developing an interest in Astronomy and one day asked
if was possible to see Mir. So were on the lookout for it, next good chance
looks like 7/14 but I'm not sure if I want to stay up till 0300 <G>
  Also 7/25 @22:24 local here in Sacto Ca.  I'll let you know if we spot it.

P.S.  If possible when posting elements could you please identify the
source and date for the element.  This would be especially helpful if the
sighting is different from the predicted time.
Just a suggestion,   Thanks.

  Good luck on your sightings to all,   Jeff