Re: TrakSat

Richard Hines (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 16:41:19 -0400

Traksat is one of those programs that does not attempt to estimate a
satellite's brightness.

Concerning the time problem. Go to STATIONS, then CURRENT, then enter
correct UTC offset. For Eastern Daylight Time, it will be -4. Here's the
important part, press the Save button, instead of OK. Otherwise it may
accept the values correctly. Traksat has a number of interface quirks like
this that I have learned to avoid.

At 06:30 PM 7/5/98 EDT, you wrote:
>	I have just downloaded TrakSat.  I think it will work for me but
>I do have some questions.  Where does it list the magnitude of the
>satellites?  Is there any way to change the time because it said 7:05 but
>it was actually 6:20 at that time.  Thanks
>Jason Felton
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