Any Satellite Decay on 19 June?

Mark Borg (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 08:22:29 +0200


I have come across an article in a local newspaper describing a sighting
which took place over Malta at 10 pm (UT+2hrs) on 19 June.  The description

"several eyewitnesses confirming the celestial phenomenon observed on
19 June 1998 at around 10pm. One eyewitness reports that a bright object
was observed travelling in the north-west quadrant of the night sky towards
the south. This fast, orange-red object lasted several seconds, and got
progressively brighter towards the end of its flight, leaving a trail in
its wake. The light faded away when still well above the horizon."

The article writer mentions whether this could be a satellite decay event.
>From the above the most probable explanation is a meteor sighting,
but to exclude all possibilities, does anyone know of any decay event
prdeicted for the vicinity on the 19th of June?


Mosta, Malta  ( 35.909N, 14.425E )