New Subscriber

Jim Nix (
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 11:32:29 -0500

Hi there,
        I'm a new subscriber.  I've observed satellites in beautiful
observing conditions while transiting the Gulf of Mexico by sailboat,
there's nothing like horizon to horizon CAVU.  Through sailing and
flying I've learned quite a bit about astronomical observation
(celestial navigation) and continue to take time once in a while to just
look at the sky on clear nights (although I'm currently landlocked in
Memphis, TN).  I've seen asteroids (or maybe it was satellite debris)
break up and flare across across the sky in greens and oranges, one in
particular from west to east over NASA (JSC) in Clear Lake Texas
sometime in  spring or summer of 88' (anybody else observing in that
area at that time? It was spectacular looking North at about 40 to 60
degrees up, it didn't last long though, quick transit.).
            Anyway I've recently acquired several tracking software
packages and am looking forward to STS95, Mir and Hubble observations.
I've been clouded out on the most recent Hubble passes, but hey....
there's close to 24,000 items up there to look for.

            To Donald Desaulniers up in Quebec, Have you tried "The
Satellite Encyclopedia"?  I'm aware of the shortwave freqs used by Nasa
Support Services and
the Launch and Tracking nets, but from Sats, that would be interesting.

            Until later.....

Happy observing.

Jim Nix