Re: NASA msg about TLE release
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 23:16 -0500

     A key distinction here is that the request not to implement the policy 
     came from the US Air Force.  The US Space Command is a unified command 
     under the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The US Space Command staff comes 
     from all the US miitary services.  It is not an Air Force Command.  
     The Air Force component command of the US Space Command is the 14th 
     Air Force.  The parent command of the 14th Air Force is the US Air 
     Force Space Command.
     What makes it even more confusing is that both headquarters are at 
     Peterson AFB, CO.  General Estes (4-stars) is triple hated as 
     Commander-in-Chief, US Space Command; Commander, US Air Force Space 
     Command; and Commander-in-Chief, North American Air Defense Command 
     The space catalog is maintained by the Space Warning Center under the 
     auspices of the US SPACE COMMAND, not the Air Force Space Command.  
     For this reason, it is likely that the best POC would be at US Space 
     Command, J7 (Plans and Policy).
     Unfortunately, I'm away from my office and don't have WWW access so I 
     can't offer any phone numbers or web sites.  I suggest a search for 
     "US SPACE COMMAND".  That should give a good WWW address.  Or try 
     "" for a list of all US Unified Commands.
     Jeff Barker

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Subject: NASA msg about TLE release
Author: (Allen Thomson) at SMTPGATE
Date:    7/1/98 8:48 AM

Mike McCants communicated:
>Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 07:41:29 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Quinton Barker <> 
>Subject: Draft NASA Policy on Hold
>I received an afternoon phone call from NASA HQ on the subject of opening 
>up the OIG Web site for any user to download any data they wish.  The 
>request for not implementing this service came from the U.S. Air Force.  No 
>other details are available at this time and all users of the Web site are 
>to follow the previous policy for downloading data.
>A new message will be placed on the Web site so all users are aware of this 
>holding request.
I'm still hopeful that we're only seeing the effects of bureaucratic inertia, as
 the USAF  policy that
NASA is implementing almost certainly dates from the 1980s. If reason prevails, 
it should be
rescinded once SPACECOM's attention is called to the inconvenience it's causing 
in the post-Cold
War environment.
Does anyone here know the organization of SPACECOM well enough to say where the 
will actually be made, and by whom?