Re: Spacecom told OIG not to release the full list

Robert Smathers (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:22:44 -0600 (MDT)

Earl Needham wrote:
> 	Is there someplace else to get the same type of data?  I've been seeing

from the satellite toolkit website is the only other place I know to get
reasonably complete TLE files.  The problem with the stk ones is that
leading zeros on the Norad # are missing and there is no checksum figures
(so you have to split up the stk file, run it through orbitel to fix those
problems, then you can run it thru PASSUPDT to update the TLE files).
the stk file is updated once a week (usually on monday or tuesday).  (for the URL to Satellite ToolKit website)

as for me, I don't know why the air force has a problem with the TLE
files (as they are elements for unclassified objects) but I hope that
access will be allowed again to the files (or the ability for someone
to grab them and mirror them to not overload the OIG system).

at this point, it's probably good to lay low and see what the air
force decides (after all, too much email/calls may tick them off enough
to not allow access anymore to the complete unclasified TLE files).

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