Marco's UNID

Bruno Tilgner (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 19:21:40 -0400

On 30 July 97 Marco Hahn wrote:

>One UNID: 21:43:52 +/-2s; RA 19h55' +/- 0h02', Decl 6=B040' +/-0=B025';
>(direction: upwards?) pretty faint (mag 5 or 6)

My guess is it was Cosmos 1417 R (COSPAR 82102B). At 21:43:38 it passed
within 0.7 deg from the point RA 19h55m, Dec +6 deg 40'; distance 1422 km=
The direction of flight was broadly N-S. With such precise observational
details, the identification is almost child's play.

Bruno Tilgner
48.85N 2.02E