Obs Jul. 29

Wed, 30 Jul 97 12:41:38 +0100

19460, USA 32; 21:41:55 +/-2s; RA19h46' +/- 0h01', Decl 10=B026' +/-0=B00=
at first steady but then suddenly started flashing 2-3 times/second about=

10 seconds before this measurement

One UNID: 21:43:52 +/-2s; RA 19h55' +/- 0h02', Decl 6=B040' +/-0=B025';
(direction: upwards?) pretty faint (mag 5 or 6)

24792, 97020  A; calculated an intrinsic magnitude of about 5 using
Quicksat formula. Which sat is this? Is there an up to date list of
satellite names somewhere on the net?

All times UTC on July 29th.

Hej d=E5, Marco
54.456N, 9.622E